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Crown, Bridge and Implant Dentistry in Haute, Indiana



If your teeth have been broken, chipped or recently undergone a root canal, a crown can be placed on the tooth for protection. The crown, also known as a cap helps the tooth regain its strength and restore its normal functionality.
Crown - New Patients & Emergencies in Terre Haute, IN


A dental bridge is the best option if you have multiple teeth missing in a row. Bridges are tooth replacements that are permanently attached to a tooth on either side of the gap. The adjoining teeth are used as anchors for the crown. In some instances a bridge is bonded to the bridge to your teeth with resin.
Bridges - General Dentistry in Terre Haute, IN


For a more permanent method for replacing missing teeth, choose dental implants. This replacement looks and feels like natural teeth. The ceramic piece is permanently fixed into your jaw with a titanium screw. This allows your bone tissue to grow and solidify, and provide a strong foundation for the implant.
Implants  - New Patients & Emergencies in Terre Haute, IN
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